"Unicorn Handling Guide"

Since publishing our guest posts in TechCrunch, entitled "Welcome To The Unicorn Club: Learning From Billion-Dollar Startups" (and our 2015 sequel), we have seen a number of articles, videos, blogposts, and organizations refer to the topic of these rare billion-dollar venture-backed technology start-up companies which we’ve coined as a “Unicorn”.

We are happy our work and terminology has been widely embraced by the start-up and venture community--and beyond. The Cowboy Ventures team puts a lot of time and effort into our ongoing project, and would appreciate if any references cite Cowboy Ventures and provide a link back to our website at www.cowboy.vc or the original TechCrunch article here when using these marks.

Two simple ways to provide proper attribution to Cowboy Ventures are:

Thank you for your consideration.